Ordering and Approving your Job Video is a simple process expedited by DMC’s online ordering form and delivery/acceptance interactive web interface. Follow the five steps and use the tools below to have your Job Video published within *3 Business Days. View detailed workflow

*3 business days does not include revised or changed orders
1. Submit Your Order

Our intake form gathers information about your company and available position. You will be asked to provide us with pictures, a logo and other talking points. Billing information will be collected and verified but will not be charged until video is approved!
2. Job Video Creation

DMC will process the information and create your video using a professional voice over, professional script and our huge footage and photo library.
3. Approval

Within 3 business days from a completed order, a webpage link will be emailed to you to view and approve the Job Video. During this process you have 3 choices.

- accept the video and make payment.

- revise any errors in information. *no charges apply

- make any changes you would like to the video *charges will apply

4. Payment is processed

Once the Video has been approved, your credit card will be processed and an email with the links to assets will be delivered.
5. Distribute Your Video

Now it is time to take your Video and distribute it around the web! Use our Single Video Player and Interactive Video Banner™ to get the Job Applicant you have been looking for!

Keep reading below for more information about what you will recieve and how to distribute your Job Video to maximize your return on investment.


Included in the cost of your Job Video, DMC places your Job Video in a Single Video Player (SVP) so that you can begin distributing your video to any website or job posting.  On websites, the SVP will be play as a flash video.  And, for all mobile users, the SVP will automatically convert to a mobile format suitable for iphones, ipads, andoid phones & android tablets.  Forwarding your video from the SVP is easy.  Users can send the video via email to whomever they wish, their LinkedIn or Twitter accounts, and they can also place the video on their Facebook page.


Do you have multiple job positions to fill?  DMC’s Interactive Video Banner™ (IVB™)is what you need! DMC’s IVB allows the user to search all your job videos without leaving the webpage.  You can place DMC’s IVB™ on your website for job seekers that visit your website.  Or you can place it on any other website available to create your buzz. The IVB™ has all the same forwarding features as the SVP with enhanced search features to showcase multiple job openings.


Included in the SVP as well as the IVB™ is the share page. Simply copy and paste the link or embed code to whatever outlet you see fit. Or simple use the share buttons to link up with facebook, twitter and some of your other favorite social networks. Our standard size SVP and IVB™ makes it easy for you to add it along with any online campaign you may have in place.

Don't think that the Job Video Experience is for computer users only. All of our platforms are designed to play on your smart phones and mobile devices.