Is using a video for employment advertising new? No.

DMC has been doing it for 14 years. We have made well over 1M videos for advertisers just like you.

Why didn’t you necessarily hear about employment videos or DMC? Because the videos were sold exclusively through newspapers as their product so you never would have heard of DMC. Hundreds and hundreds of newspapers for over 14 years have been selling our product. The videos were sold in a package with other products.

As a result of video becoming so effective, we decided in late 2010, that in 2011 we will begin offering employment videos directly to you, the advertiser. You will now be able to control everything you do with the video. It can be on your site, a job board, a niche job board, Google places & maps, as well as, your Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and Linkdin pages.

And, because it is not sold through a newspaper, you don’t have to also buy their expensive print products or be limited to just appearing on their online job board partners’ sites. Lastly, the video will cost less than it would by buying it from your local newspaper or anywhere else.

Why? Because DMC invented web video advertising for jobs (we have been doing this since 1998), the processes we have in place and our experience allow us to dramatically reduce costs and we are passing that savings on to you.