WHY JOB VIDEOS? Reach + Frequency + Engaging Advertising

Besides reach and frequency, the other two most important concepts to any type of effective advertising are that you need to get noticed and have a clear message. This holds true for Employment Advertising, especially since more and more, employees want to feel employers want them for who they are. Most employment advertising is frankly a little boring. But, as we all know, virtually everyone needs a job so they search for open positions and see ads.

How can employment advertising be more engaging, interesting and therefore effective?
The simple answer is use a video. Video advertising on the web is exploding.

Why is it so effective? Primarily, because it is quick to give the message, visually appealing and you are speaking to the target audience in a short period of time.

Does it work? Absolutely. Viewers are taking “next steps” (i.e., clicks or calling or contacting the advertiser) to learn about the advertiser and their product/service/offering.
DMC’s Interactive Video Banner™ delivers
multiple Job Videos from one location
DMC Job Videos have a national average click through rate of 30% -- and is some markets it is as high as 50%.

DMC’s Single Video Player is ideal for individual Job Videos
Health Care Job Video
Sales Job Video
Administrative Job Video